¿Qué significa la inteligencia cultural y cómo puedo evaluar mi nivel?
¿Has elaborado un plan de acción en caso de ser víctima de un hacker?
¿Quieres crear tu portafolio pero no sabes por dónde empezar?
¿Quieres progresar en el uso de la tecnología pero no sabes cómo dar el primer paso?
¿Has elaborado un plan de acción en caso de ser víctima de un hacker?

International Projects


Empower Colombia Hub Project

The EmpowerColombia Hub is a dynamic platform that aims to connect and empower Colombians and their projects around the World. Here’s an example of how it operates:

Introduction: The EmpowerColombia Hub is a collaborative space where Colombian professionals, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the United States can come together to learn, grow, and thrive. Let’s explore an example scenario of how the hub functions.

Meet Bryan: Bryan is a Colombian person who moved to the United States in search of new career opportunities. He’s eager to establish himself and make valuable connections in his new home. One day, while browsing online, he discovers the «EmpowerColombia Hub».

Connecting with Bryan’s Needs:

    1. Networking Events: Bryan registers for an upcoming networking event hosted by the EmpowerColombia Hub. At the event, he meets Colombians from various parts of the world, organizations, businesses, different industries, including philosophy, tech, healthcare, and finance. He connects with potential mentors, colleagues, and friends who share his background.
    2. Professional Development: The hub offers a series of webinars and workshops on career development and personal growth to align them to your passion, personal and professional interests, and life purpose project. Bryan signs up for a webinar on resume building and another on interview preparation. These resources equip him with the skills and knowledge to excel in his job search.
    3. Entrepreneurship Support: Bryan has two dreams: 1) Starting his own business someday. 2) Writing his first book. What a difficult decision! Anyways, he decides to try on project at a time and joins a business incubator program within the hub. Here, he receives mentorship from experienced international entrepreneurs who guide him through the process of developing his business plan and securing funding.
    4. Cultural Enrichment: Missing the vibrant cultural scene of Colombia, Bryan participates in intercultural events and international workshops organized by the hub. He attends a Colombian dance class and learns about the rich cultural heritage of his homeland, connecting with his roots.
    5. Environmental Initiatives: Bryan is passionate about recuing animals, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. He gets involved in one of the community projects initiated by the hub, aimed at promoting eco-friendly practices. Together with fellow Colombians, they organize local clean-up events and educational campaigns on environmental conservation at his local area.

Progress and Growth: Over time, Bryan becomes an active member of the EmpowerColombia Hub. He not only secures a job in his field but also gets involved in initiatives that are close to his heart, such as sustainability and cultural preservation. Through the hub, he not only advances in his career but also finds a supportive community that shares his goals and values.

Conclusion: The EmpowerColombia Hub acts as a catalyst for Colombian professionals and entrepreneurs like Bryan. It provides a nurturing environment for them to connect, learn, and grow, whether in their careers, businesses, or personal development. Through this hub, they find the resources, mentorship, and camaraderie needed to succeed in reaching their goals, projects, and dreams while staying connected to their Colombian heritage.

¿Cómo se podría unir la tecnología con la humanidad de una forma constructiva, humana y creativa?

La tecnología se ha convertido en una parte fundamental de nuestras vidas. La mayoría de nosotros la utilizamos en nuestro día a día, ya sea en el trabajo o en nuestro tiempo libre. Las ventajas son muchas, ya que nos permite acceder a información de manera rápida y eficiente, comunicarnos con personas en cualquier parte …